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This is the industrial platform with high industry relationship, bigh market potential,
quick progress for technology and strong competition for areas.

Jintang industrial park stands depending on current sources, and take high and new technology enterprise as industrial development key. The company implements reasonable functional distribution to form fine chemical, biology pharmaceutical, etc.
Development layout:
1.Fluorin macromolecule materials and fine chemicals
The company has rich experience for fluorite sources, and has professional talents which work on fluorin chemical production. The company can develops HCFCs, fluorin polymer, organic fluorin intermediates, etc.
2.Basic chemical material application and industry chain
The company includes many basic chemical materials which are nitric acid, oxalic acid, carbamide, etc.
3.Fine processing and smelting for many mine products and product development program.
4.Development program of fine chemical products
Development situation:
Jintang industrial park is the key construction part of industrial development strategy in Shaowu city. Developm
ent layout is close to municipal industrial planning layout. 4.000 mu of industrial land can be used for investment pr

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